Capstone Comps

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Influential websites dealing with my topic

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I found a few sites, not many because I am creating an iPhone app, and my app is not really something you could create a full website with, but I was able to find a few.

This first site is really similar actually to what I want to do, but they incorporate a little more information jsut because it is a full website. Im not trying to overwhelm the user by having loads of information on my app, thats not what they are for. But this site allows you to actually create your own flash cards, like my app is aiming for. They also allow you to browse already made flash card sets. They allow you to print out your cards etc. They also allow you to share your flahs cards. The more I think about it this site actually is what I am doing, but I am creating the mobile app for it!

This site is similar to the one above, but they dont allow as much possibilities, although you can still create and print your own flashcards, and access them from any computer which is pretty cool. This is why designing an iPhone app would be so beneficial, ease of access from anywhere for anyone, and the ability to create, share, and view pre-made card sets, or your own. Seeing these sites make me a little more excited about doing this project. Because I know how versatile an iPhone app would be!

I would think that both of these sites generate a lot of traffic in terms of users coming to this site that have this very specific need. Because the topic is so specific, I wouldnt think its a site that everyone knows about, but what its geared for, it delivers that need very well.

Let me know what you guys think!

Mobility in websites

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I have been researching what it is to create a mobile version, or section of your website. Below I will list several different sites that I came across in helping find out how to create a mobile aspect when designing a website.

This first site gives you 7 guidelines to follow that will help you to organize the content on the mobile version, or section of your site. At first glance a few of them seem to go against what I was taught in most of my production classes, like for example, making the navigation different on the pages. But after reading about why you should do so, it makes sense in that it benefits the user much more to have just content there so they don’t have to scroll so much, or expand their view etc.

This is another resource that I found that talks about different programs you can buy/download that may help you create a mobile website. Some are geared towards creating an entire project, while others are geared towards more specific things like, enabling an RSS feed for your mobile site. I looked at a few of these different programs that this site lists, and they seem to be pretty professional and usability friendly. Although you do have to pay for some.

This last site I found is an outline of steps you should go through when creating a mobile version, or section of your site. Everything starts with a plan, you have to start with brainstorming ideas and writing them down. Only then can you generate a possible firm foundation, and something to build upon. Then you have to decide what is the best way to display, share, interact with your mobile site, and how it will look to users. You go through a very similar plan as if you were creating any site, or any project for that matter. Take it step by step, and use all your resources, and dont be afraid to ask for help!

The Meaning of a Capstone project

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There are many different types of capstone projects and ways of going about them. I know some colleges, for example the LSE (London School of Economics and Political Science) do a group capstone project that takes all of the students second full year attending. They create a group project proposal and all identify certain jobs for each student that dedicate strengths to each person. This allows them to grasp what its like to be in a corporate environment and participate in a group project on a big scale. These teams are required to meet with their “clients” in two separate meetings as the progress through the project. This enables the restrictions of deadlines, and requirements made by clients. At the end the groups must have a power point presentation and project report of 12,000-15,000 words.

This particular capstone project above seems to be more geared towards people wanting to go into big corporate businesses. There are different variations of capstone projects, and some other colleges like ours for example are more geared towards personal identity and creativity.

Personal experience has made capstone projects be the peak project of our college career in that we decide on a topic we desire and create a beneficial media based program that solves a problem. Although we do this on our own we are able to communicate between classmates to generate ideas and get critiques. Since ours is based off of interactive media/web design. Our end project will be an interactive media based project like a website that solves a problem, or an application that allows tools that might be unavailable at the time.

Then there are other industries as well that mold their capstone projects to fit their needs. Like fashion designed capstone projects require their students to make clothing lines. Culinary requires their students to create a restaraunt and an entire menu and build a busines plan including prices, names, etc.

It seems like all of these capstone projects are a way to allow the student to make something that uniquley shows their talents, while creating something that fits their industry. All capstone projects are important in pulling together all the tools and skills of a student and piling them together to create something magnificent to show potential businesses. Their value is infinite in a sense that the student has to feel a passion about their capstone. It must reflect who they are while showing what they want to do.

Capstone WK 2

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Ok so I think I have a firm start on where I am heading with my project idea. I have written out a proposal and concluded that I will be doing a smart phone application. Since it is all new to me and that other classmates have not played with it, I will be on my own. In some ways it is good because I have new challanges and hopefully learn some wonderful new techniques, but also if I get stuck I am limited to resources for help. I hope to be encouraged through this whole project because it is something completely new. But given I have a comfortable start and all of the materials at hand, I feel more confident about approaching such an idea. I will post more later within the next 2 weeks about some icons, logos, comps and things of that nature once I begin the actual production of my capstone.

Week 1: 10 Websites I Visit Often

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Here are some websites I visit often. Hopefully some of these may spark some additional ideas for Capstone projects, anyways take a look. They may help you too! My original idea although, is an iPhone app. Ill be doing some research throughout the rest of the week to see what I can find out.

Also the BOA (Bank of America) iPhone App I use a lot

As well as Gmail, I think they’ve done a really good job with thier interface and being user friendly

Capstone Begins…

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I have several ideas about some projects that I am interested in. An app for smart phones would be an idea that would introduce several new technologies to me that would challenge me. I really want to try this out because in 5 years this technology will grow immensely and I would love to be a part of it and understand it more. In terms of what kinds of apps, those are ideas are still in the making.