Google Earth

Google Earth in an application that allows the user to view the entire globe by using satellites that take snap shots in time, which means it will come to the user as single 3D representation. Because it is from a satellite, different areas may receive different resolutions, and therefore resulting in bad imagery. The user can zoom in our rotate what they are viewing as well as overlay separate images onto the application. Once you purcahse google earth you will be able to zoom in as far as being able to see people on the sidewalk. You will also be able to rotate your view and see the height of the buildings surrounding your location. It can be a huge advantage for companies to scope out location choices, or educators using it to give a different point of view from a certain culture. Google Earth is the first application that allows people to view online mapping greater than a 3 mile radius. Not only does it show you snapshots in time of the destination that you put in to view, but it can show you the relation of the address you typed in to where you are. For example, you can learn the zip code of the location that you typed in, as well as how many starbucks are located in a half-mile radius. Google Earth is free, but in order to be able to do all the services that google earth has, you must purchase it. There are certain applications that you can add to google earth to make it an overall better function.


~ by keeai on November 7, 2007.

3 Responses to “Google Earth”

  1. I didn’t know if you purchased it you can zoom all the way to the people on the sidewalk. I think it’s kinda creepy honestly

  2. Wow I had no idea how much Google Earth did. I knew you could see snapshots in time. Is the purchased version real time or still just snapshots? I wonder how often they update those images. It is kinda’ creepy that you can zoom all the way down to the people on the street.

  3. so i agree that this can be used to stalk ppl but this can be useful in certain situations. i think the idea is great using different media to create an environment that can be fun and helpful at the sametime. this is kind of similar to a widget that i saw sometime that uses real satelite pics of the earth and uses it as ur screen saver or background. i think its creative and unique!

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