e-Learning WK 2 RSS and Aggregators

My experience with RSS feeds and aggregators has not been as great as I was hoping, although, i have been using them throughout several quarters now and i must say that my knowledge and understand on how they work is growing a good deal. So i have decided to keep up with them and see how it goes. I do like how you can literally gather any kind of information from the entire web, and place it all in one place. The things that i am still struggling to understand fully are the way RSS feeds work and update. Its just kind of confusing to log onto my aggregator, and all of the sudden see all thsi information that is new, and im not quite sure where its coming from, like which category are the new RSS feeds coming from. Im not really sure if this is making sense, but to me its really confusing sometimes when i see RSS feeds, and dont know which one they belong to on my aggregator. But i am willing to keep it going. Because i like how organized blogs are and having access to all the ones that i find on my aggregator is a really nice thing to have.

For this class i do see how it will help in the long run. I found 10 on all sorts of different interests that i personally have. A few that had a lot of good information are the following:

For my personal interests:


More for my future:



~ by keeai on July 22, 2008.

4 Responses to “e-Learning WK 2 RSS and Aggregators”

  1. About your aggregation woes – it seems that you feel that once you select a topic that everything on the blog will be about that topic? Not sure this is what you are thinking, but I remember one of the Fundamentals groups getting hung up on that. Anyway – what is happening is that when you subscribe to a weblog that is constantly being updated, this means that each time a new post is created it is grabbed by your aggregator and added to the articles for that particular blog. Your reader (depending on which one you use) can display the data several different ways from a total view of all articles that came in since you last visited the aggregator. Then you can select any one blog and just look at what came in new from that blog. You may just need to try different aggregators to find one that makes more sense for you. I personally use NetNewsWire on my Mac, which allows me to organize my subscriptions a lot of ways to suit my needs. Feedemon for Windows should be equally sophisticated. Both are free from Newsgator.com. Talk with other studetns you know are aggregating and pick up some pointers about how they work with it. I think you just need to discover the best way for you. I’ll be glad to show you the tools I use anytime.

  2. By the way, I think this use of the regular post page is easier to track responses and comments.

  3. I had similar problems when I first started using aggregation, then I realized i was feeding in a bunch of stuff and only reading half. I get a little overwhelmed and don’t know where to start reading sometimes. To be honest, I don’t like reading as much as I like watching news clips on Yahoo and other news stations.

    That makes me wonder…is there a Video-Aggregator? That would be SO MUCH BETTER then reading all my news wires.

    Moral of this post…maybe cut down to just the blogs you really want to read…quality over quantity. I know Wayne assigned 10 feeds…but I think 10 is overload.

  4. Sorry for such a delay in posting, I wasn’t sure where to post 🙂 So, from what I understood is that you feel your aggregator gets too jumbled and you’re not sure which blog belongs to what category? Depending on what aggregator you’re using you can create your own categories for them. For instance, I create a category for photoshop tutorials and I have about 5 blogs that are under that category, and then I have a category for web design, and so on and so forth.

    As for what Mike asked, I use netvibes for my aggregator, and you can subscribe to youtube on it, in addition to even your myspace and facebook accounts. It really has a great deal of options. I love using netvibes. The organizational level on it is awesome to me.

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